Trends in Natural Color Diamonds Shine in Everyday Fashion

Natural Color Diamonds Set the Trend and Shine in Everyday Fashion


Spring and summer are synonymous with a flurry of wedding activities. Although engagement rings and wedding bands are the main jewelry at a wedding, fine jewelry is actually the most considered choice for all of the gifts surrounding the romantic affair — bride gifts, groom gifts, gifts for the mother of the bride, not to mention tokens of appreciation for bridesmaids and groomsmen.

Whether it’s a sparkling pair of diamond earrings, a delicate pendant or chic cufflinks, diamonds are no longer just for red carpets and runways.

Nowadays, pave set fashion styles and some natural color diamonds are providing more affordable options, helping foster an “everyday” approach to diamond jewelry. Specifically, Argyle diamonds from Australia reveal a broader selection when it comes to rare yet reasonably priced jewelry.

“Diamonds are a classic staple on the red carpet, but we’re starting to see more options. Natural color diamonds are really popular among celebrities and the general public right now, especially when they complement current-day fashion trends,” explains Michael O’Connor, a jewelry and design expert for celebrities and stylists. “Although natural colors are unique, Argyle diamonds are available at an affordable price range.”

Since Argyle diamonds are usually mined in small crystals, they lend themselves well to fashionable trends like pave and micropave. But what makes Argyle gems truly unique is the spectrum of colors they offer.

The Argyle mine produces a rainbow of soft neutral shades that send designers raving, including beautiful silvers and grays, deep congnacs and warm champagnes.

The red carpet at the 70th annual Golden Globes saw more than a few champagne diamonds adorning beloved A-listers like Taylor Swift and current “Nashville” actress Connie Britton.

Many designers consider champagne to be the perfect neutral shade, since it pairs well with the majority of colors walking off the runway. That might account for the $5 billion worth of champagne diamonds that are sold every year. To find more natural colors, visit

But pave settings and champagne shades aren’t the only trends that won’t cost you. Vintage jewelry is staging a comeback alongside 80s classics like layered chains, bows, big crystal rings, acrylic and even plastic. The quest for inexpensive fashion, coupled with a growing interest in sustainability, led designers to experiment with materials like wood, rubber, glass and ribbon. Learn more about Argyle diamonds at

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