Titanium Jewelry Today

Titanium Jewelry is the  Fashion For Today

Titanium Ring

Titanium rings, pendants and earrings have been rapidly increasing in popularity over the past few seasons. Titanium and tungsten jewelry fashion styles are crafted into sleek very clean lines. Made mainly from solid bars, sheets or tubes of titanium that get cut and shaped into the form that the designer wants. Even though the process of extracting the titanium is a costly and time consuming the metal is still less expensive than the jewelers “precious metals”. Having said that the craft of fashioning jewelry from titanium is more expensive, the reason for this is that the traditional methods of jewelry making such as rolling or soldering cannot be used with titanium. Titanium needs to be machined with engineering equipment that is used for industrial stainless steel.

Titanium metal is lightweight and extremely durable so, it will last for many years to come.  Another plus factor is that the human body will not react to titanium as it is biocompatible or also called hypoallergenic so there is never any fear of having an allergic kind of reaction to the metal against your skin. This metal is highly resistant to corrosion so will not tarnish  or rust so is ideal for anyone who swims in the sea or chlorinated pools a lot.

The designers are creating styles with titanium that are unique and different from other styles of jewelry on the market. They have a stand-alone beauty without having to add any of the precious stones they could be coupled with.  The new titanium styles in jewelry has become the most highly sought after in jewelry fashion today.

His and hers rings

There are some unique styles being fashioned today with inlays with various other metals, this is not an alloy but the two metals sit bonded together side by side on the surface of the piece. Rings are machined into circle or oval shapes with an extremely smooth and shiny surface known as the classic look. Then there is the Mokume-gane look that has a wood-grain finish. This finish is achieved through a highly controlled forging process. Two other finishes are the Sable look and has the appearance of silk, and Frost which looks as though the ring has just been taken out of a deep freeze. There are some collections that feature some very elegant styles that have been created with the patented black and colored titanium.  Nowadays you can have almost any color of ring, earring or bracelet that you desire.

There is more on titanium rings on Wikipedia here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Titanium_ring