Here Are a Few Facts About Gemstones That You Might Not Know

Raw-GemstonesWhat many folks don’t realize about gemstones is that they are only a bunch of colourful stones and rocks that have been polished and precisely shaped and made into jewels that we see as the finished product. Brilliant as they appear, these stones are normally minerals dug out of the ground on our planet, they are sorted and the worthless stones are tossed out. These chosen gemstones have qualities that the gemologist sees and that made them valuable.

These rocks once examined and cut will be crafted to get the maximum value from the raw stone.  Some precious stones are softer than others. Lustrous ones, ones that glitter and shine, are used for jewelry making. These are then classed into semi-precious or precious stones. Then they can be further arranged into stones that are used by some for therapeutic use and the bulk of the gemstones mainly for aesthetic appeal.

The mineral value would always depend on the rarity of the stone and how difficult it is to find. The more rare, exotic and tough the mining area is where the stones were found, the more costly they will be to buy. Smaller pebble sized stones are also seen as gemstones