Super Z Outlet Black Velvet Finger Ring Counter Display Rack 12 Slots for Home Decoration, Organizing

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Home organization for drawers and closet start with fashion accessories. Your outfit and wardrobe needs a base to compliment your scarves, belts, bracelets, and earrings holder hangers. A black velvet jewelry rack helps you stay organized without taking up much space on your counter top or dresser drawer. Crafted from beautiful black velvet that is soft to the touch and will protect your jewelry from any kind of damage or abrasion. Attractive and and sleek appearance suited for jewelry shop wind

  • When in need to organize and professionally display expensive rings, this display stand is what you need! It will make your dressing room and make up table look beautiful and well kept. The jewelry display is great for personal use at home, and perfect for a counter top jewelry display case in stores or trade shows.
  • The rectangle ring display features a smooth black velvet material on a 2 tier level. Ring display is shaped to resemble the look of a finger to allow for a realistic presentation and dimensions to the jewelry. Well designed, elegant and a professional aesthetic. Light weight and easy to carry around.
  • With its soft foam-like lined velvet material, your valuable gold and silver rings will not scratch and will remain show room ready. Allows your items the attention it deserves with our 12 ring finger with square base. Make ring collecting a clutter free hobby.
  • The black velvet surface helps you see products clearly in contrast againts bright colored jewelry. This ring display stand is perfect for master bedroom and craft show displays. Practical and essential business item for retail stores, jewelry and watch retailers.
  • Jewelry ring display measures at 8.5″ in length x 2.5″ inches wide. Velvet rack holds up to 12 rings ranging in sizes from 3 through 11.