storeindya Thanksgiving Gifts for Women Handmade Wooden Keepsake Storage Trinket Box Dark Brown Vintage Car Design Jewelry Makeup Multipurpose Box

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Store Indya is a travel quest to unravel the forgotten hand crafted skills of India… Store Indya was something that was created as a result of family trips we took across India. While travelling, we not only saw different cultures in different parts of India, but we also realized each corner of India has its own secret. They all have their own unique art forms that’s known to only a very few in India, and almost unknown to the rest of the world. We discovered that these age-old glorious skills

  • Dimensions in Inches(Length X Width X Height): 10 x 7 x 3.5
  • Handcrafted from mango wood, an eco-sustainable hardwood. It’s recognized as tough and water resistant.
  • Embossed with vintage car design atop its lid. The appealing color of natural mango wood has been retained.
  • A great gifting option for your loved ones, it can be used to place your mini-treasures, collections or jewellery.
  • Care Instructions: 1)Can be maintained with ease by wiping it with warm water and a soft cloth. By purchasing this product from Store Indya, you will help sustain the 1,000 year traditions of handmade artistry of ethnic artisans living off the heartland of India, as we will donate 10% of our profits to train a new generation of artisans with modern techniques of craftsmanship.