Native Treasure – Dark Brown Black Coco, 2 White Puka Shell Necklace or Bracelet – 5mm (3/16″)

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If you want to make sure that you have the right length for your Puka Shell Necklace and you do not have a tailor’s cloth tape measure, you can use string. Tie a piece of string around the neck with the desired amount of hang to it. Then cut off the string and measure it’s length. This will be the size you need. Or you can take your shirt collar size, and add 1″ to 2″, so your necklace will fit as a choker.

  • Size Is Selectable for Necklace and Bracelet. Be sure to measure for proper fit.
  • 5mm (3/16″) Super Class ‘A’ Quality Wood Coco Beads and White Heishe Puka Shells (not for water use)
  • Hand-Crafted in Our Tropical Jewelry Shop by Our Native Island Artisans
  • Includes FREE Stainless Steel Beading Wire Upgrade, Silver Plated Bead Trim, Sturdy Twist-Barrel Lock
  • Exclusive 60 Day FREE Breakage Replacement 100% Satisfaction Guarantee