Leefi Womens Mens Beaded Bracelets Stone Lava Rock Healing Balance Round Braided Rope Energy Bracelets

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Where my inspiration comes from…
HI,I’m Alina and welcome to Touch Love!
I love everything yoga,spiritual and anything to do with nature.I’ve been practicing yoga since 2010’s.
I like the outing and close to be natural.Many of my design inspired during my outing.
I read a lots regarding the origin of Yoga.
If you are purchasing from my shop you can be rest assured that the healing properties are well researched and accurate!

Thanks so much for taking the time to re

  • Material: Amethyst,Lapis Lazuli,Blue Turquoise,Imperial Marble,Red Agate,Tiger Eye,Amber Resin(Real natural stones,each bead is unique.We take a month to custom product,so quantities are limited)
  • DESIGN:India yoga philosophy holds that the chakras exist in the body,in charge of physical functioning.7 Chakra Stone Bracelet means a whole life cycle,balances all chakras,regulate bodily function,energizes every level of life.It cleanses the chakras and opens the intuition.
  • Great Meditation Bead,when you wear it,it promotes beauty,health,good luck,and healing.It is a great gift for your best friend,significant other,or anyone who enjoys handmade fine jewelry
  • Easy-to-wear,convenience,bery good matching element bracelet,unisex,good matching for men and women
  • Size:Adjustable size using sliding knot closure,drawstring design