Gifts-for-Women-2017, Holiday-Deals, Sales – Cate & Chloe Leah 18k White Gold Swarovski Ring, Best Silver Swarovski Crystal Rings, Special-Occasion-Jewelry for Engagement Wedding Promise MSRP $132

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WHITE GOLD RING, ENGAGEMENT RING, COSTUME JEWELRY PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: This beautiful White Gold Swarovski Ring is a beautifully crafted ring that will enhance any wardrobe choice making it the perfect gift for that special someone. KEY PRODUCT FEATURES MATERIAL: 18k white gold plated base metal Anniversary Date Night Graduation Gift Wedding BEST USES FOR White Gold ring Wedding Ring Promise Ring Engagement Ring Fashion Jewelry Bridal Jewelry GIFT IDEAS FOR HER –

  • GIFT IDEAS FOR WOMEN – ENGAGEMENT RING – This ring is breathtakingly beautiful! This is the perfect gold ring for proposing to the amazing woman in your life, your fiance will not be able to wait to show off her new engagement ring to all of her friends! The best part? This beautiful engagement ring won’t break the bank and will earn you some needed “Brownie points” with your soon to be wife! Any woman would love to receive this gorgeous gold wedding ring and wear it forever!
  • FASHION JEWELRY FOR WOMEN – These rings are the perfect fashion accessory for any woman! This jewelry set will flatter anyone, with all the swarovski jewels on this ring it will be hard for people not to notice! So soak in the compliments while wearing this faux antique style ring that features more stones than you can count, and beautiful gold plating. No one will ever know that this ring is costume jewelry and didn’t cost you a fortune, and you will look fabulous without going broke!
  • GIFTS FOR HER – This ring will make the prefect gift for any woman! Need something special to surprise your girlfriend on her birthday? Need to get something for Mom for Mothers Day? What about that “push” present for your pregnant wife? This ring is the perfect gift for any woman or occasion! Watch her eyes sparkle as she opens the box to see this beautiful gold ring with amazing cz stones! The lady in your life won’t be able to contain her excitement and you will know it didn’t cost a fortune!
  • JEWELRY FOR WOMEN – Does your wife need an upgrade to her wedding ring? Are you hoping to impress the girl you have been dating a while with new jewelry? This ring will be the perfect addition to any womens jewelry with its gold plating and plethora of swarovski stones! This amazing jewelry piece can easily be worn with a gorgeous dress for a night out, or with a pair of jeans and a nice jacket for a day date. Give her this ring and whenever she wears it you know she is thinking of you!
  • RISK FREE MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – DON’T LOVE YOUR PRODUCT? CONTACT US FOR A HASSLE FREE RETURN. Our #1 priority is a positive customer experience for you. Unlike many others in the industry, Cate and Chloe values our customers, and if you are not happy we will make sure your product is returned free of charge to you, along with a full refund.