David Star Pendant Jewish Jewelry 18K Gold Plated/Stainless Steel Chain Men Women Amulet Magen Star Of David Necklace

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For the Star of David in Islam, see Seal of Solomon. For use in Christianity and other Abrahamic religions, see Star of David in the Abrahamic religions.
The Star of David (?), known in Hebrew as the Shield of David or Magen David (Hebrew ????? ??????; Biblical Hebrew M¨¡?¨¥n D¨¡w¨©? [ma???e?n da??wi?e], Tiberian [m???en d??vie], Modern Hebrew [ma?¨Àen da?vid], Ashkenazi Hebrew and Yiddish Mogein Dovid [?m?¨Àe?n ?d?vid] or Mogen Dovid), is a generally recognized symbol of

  • Megan David star with red rhinestone in the middle center.
  • Pendant: 1.4 inches, chain:20 inches +2 inches extending chain.
  • Brings you good luck
  • Nickel free