The Choice For Today’s Man Is A Titanium Ring

A Titanium Ring Must Be The First Choice For A Man’s Ring

A Banded Titanium Mans RingTitanium fashioned into a man’s ring is only one type of metal for a ring out of a choice of many metals. Metals such as gold, silver, platinum are a few of the others that compete for the honor of being made into a ring to be on a man’s finger. They each have their own reasons for and against, titanium on the other hand has a multitude of excellent benefits that can be derived from this space age metal.

Is gold better than titanium? Gold being a more precious metal will be more expensive and have more market value. There are many gold designs available from each and every design jeweler and it has proved to be a popular choice. Most people will imagine a gold ring when a man’s ring is mentioned.

Is titanium better than gold? Titanium is much harder and tougher than gold. There will never have to be a concern about denting, warping, or damaging your ring whilst you wear it every day. A new space age titanium metal will certainly make you stand out from the rest of the crowd. Titanium is also biocompatible and hypoallergenic which means that any person who has an allergic skin reaction to any of the alloys in other metals including gold will be able to wear titanium jewelry without any worries.

Is silver is better than titanium? The silver dollar value on the open market is higher than titanium. Silver has been used throughout the ages for jewelry so it is established amongst jewelers who fashion this metal into jewelry, so more jewelers are likely to have stock and a style that you would like. The glint and shine on Silver can be just as good as titanium.

Is titanium better than silver? Sometimes if you do not have a trained eye then titanium can be mistaken for white gold (platinum) or silver. The metal is much tougher, much lighter, and it can never tarnish like silver does. There is not any worry about care or maintenance of your titanium ring and you can wear it everywhere in all activities.

Is white gold (platinum) better than titanium? As with gold and silver, white gold (platinum) is top of the list when it comes to monetary value ounce for ounce than titanium. White gold has the same appeal with its white-silver metal color the same as titanium when combined with the value of gold giving you the best of both options.

Is titanium better than white gold (platinum)? Titanium does not need to be coated or over-plated, white gold usually is coated with rhodium. This plating can wear off with time and use, this means that your white gold jewelry will have to be re-plated regularly every year. The titanium ring will last forever and never need to have a coating or polishing. A mans titanium ring normally has the same color and shine as platinum, but nowadays you can choose a titanium ring that comes in wide variety of colors. Platinum has only one color – platinum. Titanium can be blue, black or green and even striped.