When Do You Move in Together. How to Tell If You Are Ready

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One of the trickiest things in a relationship is knowing when it’s time to move in together. You may wonder if there’s a cap on how long you should date before approaching this huge step. There are other things involved such as his temperament as well as yours and the question of whether or not they’ll mesh well together under

Choose a Diamond the Right Way

Perfect diamondChoosing the perfect diamond ring is often a new and exciting experience. That’s why you should read this Diamond Buying Guide to help you find out everything you need to know before deciding on the perfect diamond.

Below, we discuss the four most important attributes of a diamond – Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat Weight, commonly referred to as the “The Four C’s” of diamond education. “The Four C’s” go a long way in determining a diamond’s value and quality.

All of our diamond rings come with a diamond grading report issued by the Gemmological Institute of America, otherwise known as GIA. GIA provide unbiased diamond analysis and are the world’s most trusted name in

Natural Color Diamonds Set the Trend and Shine in Everyday Fashion


Spring and summer are synonymous with a flurry of wedding activities. Although engagement rings and wedding bands are the main jewelry at a wedding, fine jewelry is actually the most considered choice for all of the gifts surrounding the romantic affair — bride gifts, groom gifts, gifts for the mother of the bride, not to mention tokens of appreciation for bridesmaids and groomsmen.

Whether it’s a sparkling pair of diamond earrings, a delicate pendant or chic cufflinks, diamonds are no longer

Note to Brides and Grooms: Don’t Forget to Buy Each Other a Present


If you’re reading this story, you’re probably one of the approximately 825,000 couples who’ve just gotten engaged since Thanksgiving and are now planning your wedding. So here’s perhaps the single most important reminder — and grooms do seem to need more reminding than brides — anyone will offer: Tradition holds that you both exchange wedding presents.

(Yes, grooms, even though you just bought her an engagement ring.)

Selecting Jewelry For Men is Not Impossible

Selecting a giftMany women will have a hard time selecting jewelry for the men in their life to give at Christmas. It seems that there are so many occasions to give gifts throughout the year, that some women run out of speed on coming up with gift ideas by the time Christmas arrives.

Jewelry is always a good choice for Christmas gift giving and men especially love to receive gold jewelry at any time of the year.

Gold jewelry is very warm and friendly and a neutral gift choice for men who are only friends. A co-worker would certainly appreciate a piece of jewelry that can be worn around the wrist and the links in the bracelet could be large enough to ensure that all observers understand that it was clearly designed for a man.

A woman must still be on her toes when selecting jewelry for men because if it looks feminine in any way, the man is likely to refrain from wearing it. 

A woman will feel closer to the man she grew up with if she presents him with a piece of jewelry that he is certain to wear everyday. Dad would be sure to enjoy any jewelry that comes from their little girl or boy. A parent will always cherish jewelry that is handmade by little hands during a weekend, and will be quite thrilled to get a money clip with the same little unique designs on them that were the trademark of all crafts made when the child was young.

 Jewelry selections that have more meaning are the ones that can be personalized with initials or names. There are many unique shapes that can be engraved on a piece of jewelry and the person who receives this type of jewelry will always feel very special while wearing it. Some families will customize their jewelry needs so that every member of the family owns necklaces that match. The styling for the letters will be the same on each one but the personalization chosen could be very different.

The Meanings and Origins of some Semi-precious Gemstones

Cardinal gemstonesGemstones that are found in the world today can be precious or semi-precious stones. There is a large range of precious gemstones sold on the world markets today and this includes all the semi-precious stones.

Most everyone is familiar with precious gemstones such pearls, rubies, and diamonds. But do not ignore all the other semi-precious gemstones that are available. Certainly this includes alexandrite, amber, amethyst, beryl, garnet, jadeite, lapis-lazuli, moonstone, opal, topaz, and turquoise.


AlexandriteOne of the most transparent and fascinating of gemstones that you can purchase is alexandrite. It has the fascinating characteristic of changing color. When you are outside in broad daylight the stone shines a bright green hue but when you go indoors away from sunlight it changes color to a raspberry red and when viewed under different light bulbs it can give a variety of hues. This was noticed back in 1831 when this stone was first discovered in Russia by the Finnish mineralogist Nils Gustaf Nordenskiöld and was named in honor of the future Tsar Alexander II of Russia.

Here Are a Few Facts About Gemstones That You Might Not Know

Raw-GemstonesWhat many folks don’t realize about gemstones is that they are only a bunch of colourful stones and rocks that have been polished and precisely shaped and made into jewels that we see as the finished product. Brilliant as they appear, these stones are normally minerals dug out of the ground on our planet, they are sorted and the worthless stones are tossed out. These chosen gemstones have qualities that the gemologist sees and that made them valuable.

These rocks once examined and cut will be crafted to get the maximum value from the raw stone.  Some precious stones are softer than others. Lustrous ones, ones that glitter and shine, are used for jewelry making. These are then classed into semi-precious or precious stones. Then they can be further arranged into stones that are used by some for therapeutic use and the bulk of the gemstones mainly for aesthetic appeal.

The mineral value would always depend on the rarity of the stone and how difficult it is to find. The more rare, exotic and tough the mining area is where the stones were found, the more costly they will be to buy. Smaller pebble sized stones are also seen as gemstones

The Charm of a Bracelet is a Gift You Can Give At Anytime

BraceletA Bracelet is an item of jewelry that adorns the wrist and adds to the beauty of a delicate hand. The word bracelet is derived from ‘brachile” the Latin word which means “of the arm”. Bracelets can have an exotic look and there is no woman who wouldn’t want to show off a beautiful accessory adorning her wrist.
Bracelets have been an adornment for mankind for a long time.

Bracelets made of palm fronds, grasses, wood, beads, stones, bone strips and hides etc were all worn by our ancestors. Bone was cut and fashioned into rings and fastened in a circle. Ivory was also popular in the early ages.
 Superstitions abound around the wearing of bracelets in all different parts of the world. There are some that believe that some types of bracelet ward off all evil, but others have a converse belief that they bring good luck. The Greeks have a superstition where mothers make bracelets (called a Martis or a Marita) from red and white string these are then tied around their children’s wrists at the beginning of March. The belief

A Titanium Ring Must Be The First Choice For A Man’s Ring

A Banded Titanium Mans RingTitanium fashioned into a man’s ring is only one type of metal for a ring out of a choice of many metals. Metals such as gold, silver, platinum are a few of the others that compete for the honor of being made into a ring to be on a man’s finger. They each have their own reasons for and against, titanium on the other hand has a multitude of excellent benefits that can be derived from this space age metal.

Is gold better than titanium? Gold being a more precious metal will be more expensive and have more market value. There are many gold designs available from each and every design jeweler and it has proved to be a popular choice. Most people will imagine a gold ring when a man’s ring is mentioned.

Is titanium better than gold? Titanium is much harder and tougher than gold. There will never have to be a concern about denting, warping, or damaging your ring whilst you wear it every day. A new space age titanium metal will

Titanium Jewelry is the  Fashion For Today

Titanium Ring

Titanium rings, pendants and earrings have been rapidly increasing in popularity over the past few seasons. Titanium and tungsten jewelry fashion styles are crafted into sleek very clean lines. Made mainly from solid bars, sheets or tubes of titanium that get cut and shaped into the form that the designer wants. Even though the process of extracting the titanium is a costly and time consuming the metal is still less expensive than the jewelers “precious metals”. Having said that the craft of fashioning jewelry from titanium is more expensive, the reason for this is that the traditional methods of jewelry making such as rolling or soldering cannot be used with titanium. Titanium needs to be machined with engineering equipment that is used for industrial stainless steel.

Titanium metal is lightweight and extremely durable so, it will last for many years to come.  Another plus factor is that the human body

Larimar Necklace

Here is a List of Some Popular Gemstones
and How to Clean Them

The list of gemstones in this article are considered semi-precious. These stones are less expensive compared to precious stones but still needs extreme and proper care. Gemstone jewels are a great investment and even the ancient people believed that the stones bring good luck. So if you have several different pieces of gemstones, be sure to get a jewelry box with different compartments so that you can place the gemstones in separate bins.

wedding dress with gemstones

Crystals and Gemstones are Still Making

This Year’s Wedding Dress Fashion Gowns Sparkle

Today’s bride looks best when she’s expressing herself and showing off her own unique style. Whether you’ve imagined your wedding gown for as long as you can remember or you only know the size and color, there’s something out there for your special day.

Today’s modern bride loves the look of the couture runway, but not the price tag. According to Wedding Channel.com editor Marilyn Oliveira, “Making your dress stand out is all about the details, not the cost. Find a dress that you love and that accentuates your figure.”

Eternity Bands Really Do Last Forever

Eternity BandEternity bands are a classy and stylish innovation to storm the market. These are often gifted for a marriage anniversary or at the time of giving birth to a child. These eternity bands need no occasion to be gifted and can be given as gifts whenever one wishes to.

Eternity bands are also known as the wedding bands. They are lined with diamonds and look like precious gemstones in a circle. The circular loop of diamonds signifies eternal and unending love. This sentiment is what makes the eternity band a perfect gift for couples on special occasions, such as anniversaries, childbirth or anything that makes a difference to their life.