Aienid Gold Double Chain Anklet for Her Frosted Bead Foot Chain Charm

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Brand Story♥
The founder of Aienid named Andy, a designer who is crazy of designing jewelry.
His enthusiasm of jewelry design comes from a romantic love story! In 1986, Andy fell in love with a beautiful and noble woman. To marry this noble lady, Andy designed 99 different rings and proposed to her. To be delighted, his sincerity impressed this girl and won her heart.
Finally, they became family dependants! Since then Andy became keen on designing jewelry more and more. His jewelry ma

  • ♥Material:Copper Plated 18K Gold–Environmental and Stunning
  • ♥Ankle+Chain=Missing Lover. Anklet: Guide boys to his Goddness.
  • ♥Left Anklet: Anti villain; Right Anklet: Lucky.
  • ♥Anklets are best synced up with bohemian-style-hunters or with any girl who has at least one free-spirited ensemble in her wardrobe. ♥Anklets should be worn with a mini skirt or mini dress, with casual shorts, or leggings or else with cuffed jeans ¨C in a nutshell, with anything casual that bares the ankle zone of your foot.
  • ♥If your feet are thin and tender, opt for thin metallic anklets or even thin plastic ones but if they are not so thin and you are aspiring to make them visually slimmer and more slender, then anklets with some medium-sized trinkets hanging from them will fill the bill, for sure.