1mm thick 18K gold plated on solid sterling silver 925 stamped Italian diamond cut BALL bead link chain necklace bracelet anklet with spring ring clasp jewellery jewelry – Available in lengths: inch 6″/15cm, 8″/20cm, 10″/25cm, 12″/30cm, 14″/35cm, 16″/40cm, 18″/45cm, 20″/50cm, 22″/55cm, 24″/60cm, 26″/65cm, 28″/70cm, 30″/75cm, 32″/80cm, 34″/85cm, 36″/90cm, 38″/95cm, 40″/100

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This is a superb quality 18K gold plated on solid 925 sterling silver chain with a 925 stamp, imported directly from Italy, the chain making capital of the world. Please choose your desired length of chain from the “Item Display Length” drop down menu above. Available lengths include: 6″ inch/15cm; 8″ inch/20cm; 10″ inch/25cm; 12″ inch/31cm; 14″ inch/36cm; 16″ inch/41cm; 18″ inch/46cm; 20″ inch/51cm; 22″ inch/56cm; 24″ inch/61cm; 26″ inch/66cm; 28″ inch/71cm; 30″ inch/76cm; 32″ inch/81cm; 34″ in

  • Made in Italy
  • 925 Sterling Silver
  • 18K Gold Plated
  • Available lengths include: 15cm; 20cm; 25cm; 30cm; 35cm; 40cm; 45cm; 50cm; 55cm; 60cm; 65cm; 70cm; 75cm; 80cm; 85cm; 90cm; 95cm; 100cm
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