Tarnish Remover – Jewel Brite Biodegradable Professional Tarnish Remover & Polish

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Our polish works great on metals, silver, gold, brass, bronze, copper, chrome, stainless steel, and aluminum. It cleans marble and takes ink marks off of surfaces safely…even permanent ink! It takes tar off of cars and is scientifically formulated for cleaning, polishing and maintaining all metals the safe and easy way. Jewel Brite polish is all natural and absolutely free from any injurious substance. It’s also absolutely child safe.

  • Safely remove tarnish and polishes. Free from any injurious substance
  • Gold Silver Brass Copper Chrome Stainless Steel Aluminum & Marble
  • Cleans tarnish from coins. Removes Ink and Tar from cars
  • Not for use on 24k gold plated ware
  • Made in the USA